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Delbert Wheeler Sr. Memorial Junior Rodeo

Rodeo Date

JUNE 1, 2017

Rodeo Location

White Swan, WA

Rodeo Details

JR Rodeo entries will be taken by Rhoda Strom. Call in on May 26th from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Entry numbers:  509-874-2471 & 509-874-2997. JR Rodeo starts at 10am. ENTRY FEES WILL BE: $25.00 15-18; $20.00 11-14; $15.00 8-10; $10.00 0-7.

Events by Age

(0-7) $200 ADDED IN

Boot Race, Sheep Riding, Goat Untie, Flag Race, Barrel Race, Stick Horse Race, Dummy Roping, Poles

(8-10) $300 ADDED IN

Calf Riding, Goat Tying, Barrel Race, Flag Race, Break Away, Poles

(11-14) $400 ADDED IN

Steer Riding, Barrel Race, Poles, Breakaway, Goats, Flag Race, Chute Doggin

(15-17) $500 ADDED IN

Jr Bulls, Barrel Race, Breakaway, Goats, Flag Race, Poles, Steer Wrestling

Special Events: Jr./Sr. Team Roping, Wild Horse Race and Pony Race.